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We have temporarily closed all sites across the UK due to COVID-19

Dear Clients and Suppliers,

In light of recent events surrounding COVID-19, we believe the best thing to do for our staff, their families and the country as a whole is to temporarily stop all operations on all sites across the UK. We have a duty of care to our staff members, their families, all of our clients and the wider general public.

The easiest and correct thing to do may not feel like it, paying staff members to stay at home, but we hope that everyone is taking heed and being thoughtful for the country at this time. We hope everyone keeps safe and vigilant during these unprecedented times and always do your best to look out for others.

During this time we will continue to operate a skeleton emergency response service team should any client require any assistance. If this is deemed necessary, our emergency repairs team will be in full PPE, continuing to follow government guidelines. Our office staff have been mobilised to ensure they can work from home. We would appreciate if you can try and keep all communications via email during this time.

We are looking into ways we can have volunteers staff members (where deemed safe) help use our vans and manpower to deliver food etc to those who need it. If you think we can help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will be back on your roofs again soon,

Ronald G. Graham
Managing Director


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  1. Great to see! Other construction companies must follow.


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