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Chimney Repair Services Edinburgh

Chimney Repair Edinburgh:

The chimney is used for ventilation which is made up of brickwork, stonework, and associated materials that segregate hot toxic exhaust gases or smoke delivered by a boiler, oven, furnace, or fireplace.

Eventually, in the existence of your structure, you will require an experienced and highly skilled stonemason to carry out chimney repairs. Regardless of whether those repairs are small to extensive, As the best roofers in Edinburgh, we can assist you with keeping up the integrity of your chimney for a long time. Our services for chimney repairs in Edinburgh include:

  • Stone replacement
  • Repairs to Stonework
  • Lithomex stone repairs
  • Lime pointing
  • Structural replacement works

Regardless of what chimney repairs you need, we have the ability and experience to re-establish your chimney to a high standard.

Reasons why our services are the best in Edinburgh:

If you require a chimney repair or replacement, you will require expert and skilled advice and labour to carry this out to prevent any major problems which can occur when working with stonework.

  • We have been in the business for over 35 years and have carried out various works to chimneys during this time.
  • We currently maintain Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood House on behalf of Historic Environment Scotland.
  • This implies we will complete your chimney repairs with scrupulously and an undeniable degree of workmanship.
  • We use a lime mortar mix in line with the Scottish Lime Centre and all products are purchased from Masons Mortar.
  • The lime mortar mix that we use for all of our pointing repairs will extend the lifespan of your chimney and allows the stonework to breath.
  • We have a full scope of master stonemasonry and sandstone reclamation abilities.
  • We can attend your property at a time and date that suits you.

We take extraordinary consideration of your properties chimney stonework

Regardless of whether you need a couple of stones replaced, replacement chimney can or need a total strip down and re-build, we will treat your chimney upkeep with a similar degree of integrity and craftsmanship that will exceed your expectations. You will receive our expert advice for your chimney and stonework.

The services which we provide in the UK & Edinburgh include:

  • Chimney Removals and Capping
  • Chimney Lowering to a safe level
  • Replacement of Broken or Missing Chimney Cans
  • Chimney Rebuilding In Rendered Brick or Natural Stone
  • Chimney Rebuilding Using Existing Stone
  • Chimney Re-Harling or Rendering
  • Replacement Of Individual Chimney Stone Pieces
  • Chimney Lime Mortar Fillets Repaired or Replaced.



Repairing of stone

When the stonework used to build chimneys gets damaged they require immediate repairing. If you want to bring it to a higher standard then we will provide you with a full quotation and breakdown of costs. We will offer you successful techniques to fix your chimney i.e. Indenting Stonework, Stone replacement and Lithomex repairs.

Lime Pointing

The use of french lime hydraulic mortars in the repointing process of stone is very important for the long term health of stone. It is suggested that you must use lime mortar with proper technique and arrangements in line with the Scottish Lime regulations.


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