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Haymarket Insights: Common Reasons for Damage to Edinburgh Roofs

The roof is one of the most crucial elements of the home that keeps you and your family protected from the harshness of the worst weather conditions. Whether it is sizzling hot outside or there is heavy rain, thunderstorm, or cool winter, it is a roof that protects you and your family from all the extremes of the climatic harshness. Thus it is our responsibility to take care of the roof and to keep it maintained.

Regardless of the age of your home, there is a need that your roof should be inspected at regular intervals of time and should be maintained in order to stay for several decades.

After a particular period of time, all roofs whether it is commercial or residential, require inspection and repair of minor issues. In the case of ignorance, the minor issues on the roof can turn into heavy expenses and sometimes entire reinstallation of the roof.

But sometimes, the homeowner might need to face the unpredicted damage on their roof. These damages are sometimes minor but most of the time are heavy and lead to high maintenance expenses. So, the question is how to overcome these unpredicted damages on the roof and thus avoid unwanted expenses.

The best way to avoid damage on the roof is to avoid the primary reasons that harm the health of the roofs. By avoiding the causes that harm the health of the roof, one can easily overcome the unpredicted damage on the roof.

There are several roofing contractors in Edinburgh always ready to serve you with your roofing requirements and repair. Still, avoiding the causes that harm your roof is better than spending your hard-earned money on maintenance. Here in this guide, we are listing to you all the most common reasons that cause harm to the health of the roof and the ways to deal with it. Knowing the causes for the damage of the roof will help you stay aware and avoid these causes in the future and thus enhance the life of your roof.

The following are the primary reasons for the damage of the roofs:

No timely maintenance

Regular inspection of the roof helps the homeowner or the roofing professional detect minor issues or suspected issues that can grow and cause major harm to the health of the roof in the future. This allows the homeowner or the roofing contractor to get it repaired immediately and early before it turns into major damage to the roof. Negligence of the minor issues like leakages, blocked drains, still water, pests, termites, moulds, fungus, and no inspections will make the roof weaker and thus decrease its lifespan. The ignorance of the minor issues will give it the chance to turn into big issues and will cost you heavy expenses.

More snow load

The negligence after snowfall and not removing snow from the flat roof will result in the increase of the load on the roof. This will ultimately cause more and more damage to the roof and in the worst case can cause the roof to collapse.

This is why it is always recommended to remove the maximum amount of snow from the roof immediately after the heavy snowfall and keep the load as minimum as you can on the roof. In the case when you can not invest your precious time in removing snow, you should hire the team for snow removal from the roof or can invest in a machine to do this task.

Damage due to high wind

Storms, thunderstorms, and heavy winds are also the reason for serious damage to the roof. A hurricane raised by the winds is the reason for even more damage to the roof. Thus, before the warning of a hurricane or storm, it is critical that you should either inspect your roof on your own or get it inspected by a professional team.

In the case when there is a warning for a heavy storm, hurricane, it is advised to get your roof inspected and maintained by professionals as they are better in this field and can perform the task better and are more durable.

The bottom line

So these are some common causes that can harm the roof and are the major reasons behind the damage of the roof. Keep your roof inspected, and maintained well.

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