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Falling Masonry Edinburgh: How To Prevent Falling Masonry

Several reasons like a storm, old buildings, and many more can lead to the fall of masonry. The fear of this risk increases with older buildings. Falling masonry can be very risky and destructive as it can cause human harm. Thus all the old buildings need to be well maintained and kept in good condition.

The increase in the cases of falling masonry has highlighted the need for the inspection of buildings along with the maintenance of buildings. The lack of mandatory inspections of older buildings by legislation has put the general public at risk which can be prevented with proper maintenance.

Thus there is a need that private building owners take this responsibility in order to take care of old aging buildings, maintain them well, and thus stop them from falling and causing risk to others.  

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There are some roofing companies in Edinburgh that provides people with the service to inspect the condition of old buildings with the use of modern technology like drones and others and thus identify the condition of these aged buildings and the loose masonry.

Many roofing companies in Edinburgh are providing the service of rope access where well-trained teams use the modern protective equipment to physically inspect the building along with performing the necessary repairs that they identify during the process of inspection.

There are some roofing companies in Edinburgh that are taking responsibility to inspect buildings for their condition using rope access and drones and identify the condition of the building. Awareness of the general public is needed and they should contact a roofing contractor to get their building inspected.

Also, it is the legal duty of the property owner or the organization to maintain their property and prevent it from falling down just to save several lives.

Edinburgh is a historic city and has many old buildings which are older than centuries. They are now in dilapidated condition and thus need to be inspected and maintained to safe standards. The owners and the organization should take action before the commencement of any kind of tragedy.

What can cause masonry to fail?

 When the building gets old, it keeps becoming weak until it falls down. And, in the case when any storm or heavy rain starts, it will worsen the condition of the building leading to the fall of the masonry.       

Also, the blockage in the gutter and pipes, when neglected for a long time, can make the building even weaker. Also, the leakage in the building, when neglected for a long time, can make the building weaker.

What are the major problems that might need the repair action?

1.     Roofs having some major structural defects that put the people who pass by at risk.

2.     Blocked pipe or waste pipework

3.     Unsafe chimney stacks

4.     Loose masonry on the outer walls of the property 

5.     Unsafe railing, boundary walls, and fencing

6.     Building damaged by fire

7.     Unsafe plasterwork within the stairwell

What steps, If any, did the property owner take to inspect and maintain the building?

In the case when any building owner suspects the building to be weak, they should contact any of the reputable Edinburgh roofing companies who are providing the service of inspection of the building along with the repair and maintenance. The roofing company team will, with the help of drones and rope access, inspect the old building, do the required repair and thus maintain the building up to a safe standard.

All the building owner needs is to identify the time when the building is in need of repair and contact the roofing team without neglecting the problem to get worse.

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