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For Edinburgh’s best flat roofing services, go with Ronald G. Graham Roofing & Building Ltd. You can simply check the web data and know that all around the city, we excel in large-scale projects. You may rely on us since we consistently provide excellent work with superior craftsmanship!

Elevate Your Property with Ronald G Graham Roofing & Building Ltd’s Premier Flat Roofing Services!

Well, we at Ronald G. Graham Roofing & Building Ltd. are aware that various roof types are required for various types of buildings. If you go with our flat roofing, we assist many individuals, including architects, home builders, and store owners. Most of our past customers know that our unique services guarantee that the roofs are high-quality and long-lasting. We can assist you whether you own a business, construct homes, or both!

For Commercial Property Owners and Managers:

Make the most of our skilled flat roofing services to extend the lifespan and durability of your business property. Our area of expertise is complete solutions designed to safeguard your investment and raise the value of your home.

For Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities:

Ronald G Graham Roofing offers durable flat roofing solutions that will help you secure your industrial or manufacturing site. Our solutions are engineered to resist the roughest circumstances, giving unrivalled longevity for your facility.

For Retail Businesses:

Give your storefront the defence it needs. Our retail flat roofing options provide a safe atmosphere for your business to flourish while also being aesthetically pleasing.

For Educational Institutions:

Use our specialised flat roofing to protect educational institutions’ integrity. Our custom solutions offer a safe learning environment while taking into account the particular requirements of colleges and institutions.

Flat roofing works well for schools because it is both affordable and long-lasting. Its effectiveness in offering long-term protection, simple maintenance, and adaptability is highlighted in our most recent flat roofing case study. Learn how flat roofing changes school buildings to provide an affordable, accommodating learning environment.

For Healthcare Facilities:

Put your trust in Ronald G. Graham Roofing to protect medical institutions. The preservation of vital healthcare infrastructure, longevity, and compliance are given top priority in our flat roofing solutions.

For Government Buildings:

Excellent roofing solutions are required for government buildings. The knowledge and experience of Ronald G. Graham Roofing guarantees that government buildings are protected with flat roofing that satisfies strict requirements.

For Hospitality Industry:

With our flat roofing services, your hospitality location will look better and be more protected. We guarantee the highest level of comfort for your visitors by fusing style and utility.

For Real Estate Developers and Property Developers:

Work with us to improve your developments. In the real estate sector, our proficiency in flat roofing raises the market value of properties and gives us a competitive advantage.

For Architectural Firms:

Architects create magnificent plans, and we execute them. Our flat roofing options provide a blank canvas for creative ideas, enhancing architectural brilliance.

For Facility Managers and Construction Contractors:

Construction companies and facility managers depend on us to complete projects smoothly. Our prompt, effective, and superior flat roofing solutions surpass industry norms.

For Non-Profit Organizations and Financial Institutions:

We are aware of the special requirements that financial institutions and non-profits have. Our flat roofing services provide high-quality results at reasonable prices.

For Legal and Professional Offices:

Professional and legal offices need to be safe spaces. You can concentrate on your clients while our flat roofing keeps your workstation safe.

For Cultural and Recreational Organizations:

Use our specialised flat roofing to protect cultural and recreational areas. We provide solutions that extend these areas’ lifespan since we recognise how important they are.

For Residential Property Owners and Developers:

Residential flat roofing by Ronald G. Graham Roofing may transform your residential homes. Our products are affordable, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing for both developers and homeowners.

Why Choose Ronald G Graham Roofing & Building Ltd?

Enterprise Flat Roof Solutions:

Our expertise encompasses all facets of flat roofing services, catering to residential, business, and industrial establishments throughout the Edinburgh region. Our broad selection of services ensures that we can precisely satisfy all of your roofing needs.

Our Services Include:

Sheeting & Cladding: We employ the best materials available to take on huge commercial tasks using composite panelling and double skin metal sheeting systems, from warehouses to industrial complexes.

Slating & Tiling: Utilising premium concrete and clay roof tiles, we have a long experience of tiling and retiling roofs. We provide perfection whether we’re doing large-scale projects or only restoring a few missing tiles.

Maintenance & Renovations to the Roof: We’ll revitalise your roof—trust us! Our extensive expertise in renovation projects allows us to recommend the best course of action for roofs that require it. Uncertain about renovations? Speak with us for knowledgeable guidance.

Constructed Felt Roof: Our skilled crew installs three layers of high-performance felt on your roof using the best roofing materials available, guaranteeing total sealing and weatherproof defence.

Gutter Maintenance: Maintaining your gutters properly will save you money and avoid interruptions. Gutter neglect can result in leaks and floods, which can cause harm and inconvenience. Use our clever solutions to keep your gutters in optimal shape.

Soffits & Fascia: Choose low-maintenance PVC-U materials to save time and money when changing your cladding, fascias, soffits, and gutters. Goodbye to decaying and upcoming headaches from repairs.

Residence and Commercial Flat Roofs:

Our knowledge encompasses both residential and commercial flat roofing, offering customised solutions that satisfy each property’s particular needs.

Other Services:

  • Installers of rooflines
  • – Repairing Roofing; Slating and Tiling
  • – Repairing the chimney – Re-Roofing
  • – Repairs for guttering
  • Services for Asbestos Roofing, Roof Coating, and Scaffolders.
  • Lead roofing, stonework, roof sheeting, roof inspection, statutory notice work, and copper and zinc roofing.

Why You Should Choose Us:

  • Established in 1996 after being founded in 1983.
  • No task is too little or large.
  • The Roofer Edinburgh Trusted Most
  • 99% of clients recommend us
  • Coverage for all roof repairs in Scotland
  • Contact us for prompt assistance.

Revolutionize Your Roofing with Ronald G Graham Roofing & Building Ltd’s RubberBond FleeceBack EPDM Single Ply Roofing!

With our unique RubberBond FleeceBack EPDM rubber roofing system, you can experience the ultimate in strength and longevity for your flat roof. At Ronald G Graham Roofing & Building Ltd, we provide unparalleled protection for your home by offering roofing solutions that are resistant to the elements year after year.

Reasons for Selecting FleeceBack EPDM RubberBond?

Versatile Single Ply Membrane:

The RubberBond FleeceBack EPDM has great adaptability and can be put to flat roofs of any size or form with ease. Our single ply membrane offers unparalleled flexibility, making it ideal for both new roofing projects and restorations as well as surface overlays.

✅ Each Application Is Perfect:

RubberBond FleeceBack EPDM is designed for many types of properties, including residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Put your faith in the robustness and longevity of our roofing system, regardless matter whether it’s for a brand-new building or an old one that needs restoration.

✅ Avoid Theft with an Affordable Solution:

Bid farewell to lead work’s susceptibility to theft. A less expensive option that guarantees the security of your investment without sacrificing quality is RubberBond FleeceBack EPDM.

✅ Features That Tell a Story:

-Long Life: These roofs may last more than 30 years, offering durable protection.

-Eco-friendly: Use our ecologically friendly roofing solution to help create a more sustainable future.

-No Shrinkage or Stress: Reduce the chance of roof leaks with an easy-to-maintain, low-stress solution.

-Weather Resistant: Protect yourself from UV rays and harsh weather conditions.

-Sturdy and Sturdy: With greater rip and puncture resistance than thinner EPDM membranes.

✅ Master Contractors approved for accuracy installation:

Ronald G Graham Roofing & Building Ltd is pleased to announce that it is an approved master contractor. RubberBond is only accessible to approved contractors. Our committed staff receives ongoing training to guarantee a faultless installation each and every time.

With Ronald G. Graham Roofing & Building Ltd., Discover the Secrets to Perfect Flat Roofs!

Welcome to a future where long-lasting, expertly created flat roofs are the norm rather than simply manufactured ones. At Ronald G Graham Roofing & Building Ltd, we offer quality that completely changes your Edinburgh property—we don’t simply offer flat roofing solutions.

What Makes Our Felt Flat Roofing Systems Different?

✅ The Core Knowledge:

Our skill with felt flat roofing systems is what sets us apart. We are equipped to handle any roofing issue because to our extensive expertise in both installation projects and the careful repair and upkeep of felt flat roofs that have been worn or damaged.

✅ Millions of Dollars Spent on Roof Renovations:

Become one of the astute property owners who make prudent investments in flat roof renovation. Our commitment to accuracy and hard work guarantees long-lasting outcomes, whether we are doing minor repairs like patching and re-coating or more involved tasks like taking off and replacing complete roofs.

✅ Overcoming Difficulties with Condensation:

Condensation is a common threat to flat roofs, particularly those made of domestic-scale wood. We comprehend the complex relationship that exists between condensation, air leakage, and thermal performance. Our method of designing flat roofs is based on keeping condensation at bay, so your roof will always be strong and trouble-free.

✅ Two Cutting-Edge Construction Techniques:

   Warm Roof:

   Make sure your roof deck is warm by putting insulation above it in the right places. The vapour control layer is intelligently positioned underneath the insulation, and our waterproof coating is placed on top of it. Discover a warm roof design that provides unmatched security.

   Warm Roof Inverted:

   An inverted warm roof will increase the longevity of your roof. Our insulation protects the roof from mechanical damage, UV rays, and thermal stress by being positioned strategically atop a combined VCL and waterproofing membrane. To guarantee that insulation stays in place, add more ballast.

Experience the Difference with Ronald G Graham Roofing & Building Ltd:

Tailored Solutions: Since every flat roof is different, we provide solutions that are made to specifically fit your requirements.

– Expert Craftsmanship: Our knowledgeable crew uses exacting techniques to build roofs that are resilient and long-lasting.

– Innovative Design: With our warm roof and inverted warm roof solutions, embrace cutting-edge design.

Investment-Worthy Refurbishments: Our dedication to quality protects your investment in roof renovations.

Invest Wisely in Your Property’s Protection with Ronald G Graham Roofing & Building Ltd Roofing Services!

Are you considering the expense, longevity, and indicators of replacement for your flat roof? There’s nowhere else to look! Your reliable partner in turning your roof into a durable fortress is Ronald G. Graham Roofing & Building Ltd. Let’s examine the key elements that set us apart as Edinburgh’s best option for flat roofing services.

What Is the Price of Flat Roofing Services?

Purchasing flat roofing services is an important investment, and the price is determined by a number of criteria. Particularly for bigger commercial structures that require specialised equipment and a professional roofing staff, the type, dimension, and materials play a crucial role. At Ronald G Graham Roofing & Building Ltd, our knowledgeable staff is prepared to offer customised counsel and open direction, enabling you to make an educated choice regarding repairs or replacement.

Duration of a Flat Roof?

The lifespan of your flat roof is an important factor. We promise to use only the best materials and hire only the most skilled craftsmen, so your flat roof should last 20 years or more. Our professionals make sure that proper drainage is in place, which minimises possible issues and extends the life of your roof.

Indicators That Your Flat Roof Needs to Be Replaced:

It’s critical to recognise the warning indicators of a failing flat roof in order to stop further damage. Red signs include splits, cracks, rips in roofing materials, and delamination. Early detection of these problems will allow our knowledgeable staff to concentrate on effective repairs rather than having to replace your entire roof.

Select Edinburgh’s Top Flat Roofers:

Your property’s lifespan and safety depend on your choice of roofing partner. We at Ronald G. Graham Roofing Edinburgh provide peace of mind in addition to roofing services.

✅ Principles of the Top Flat Roofers:

– Appropriate insurance and accreditation for the roofing sector.

– Demonstrated specialisation and experience in providing flat roofing services.

– Personalized consultations and site visits to understand your particular requirements.

– Precise quotes accompanied by suggestions for transparency supported by data.

– Satisfied clients’ positive comments and evaluations, which attest to our expertise.

Transforming Roofs, Elevating Structures: Ronald G Graham Roofing & Building Ltd Case Studies

Every job we take on at Ronald G Graham Roofing & Building Ltd. demonstrates our dedication to quality. View our case studies, which demonstrate our expertise in providing roofing solutions that not only fulfil but also beyond expectations.

1. Manchester Midland Hotel: A Grand Roofing Renovation

Overview of Project:

To match its grandeur, the renowned Manchester Midland Hotel required roofing of the highest calibre. Ronald G. Graham Roofing & Building Ltd. accepted the task and restored the hotel’s roofing system to provide not just protection but also a look appropriate for this important historical site.

Our Solution:

– Expert Consultation: To fully comprehend the Manchester Midland Hotel’s particular roofing requirements, our experts carried out an extensive evaluation.

– Tailored Roofing System: For durability and longevity, we installed a custom roofing system using premium components and cutting-edge methods.

– Aesthetic Enhancement: In addition to practicality, our attention to aesthetics made sure the roofing complemented the hotel’s stunning architecture.

Learn more.

Manchester Midland Hotel Case Study Video:

2. Musselburgh Grammar School: Flat Roofing Excellence

Overview of Project:

Musselburgh Grammar School was in need of a roofing partner that could provide high-quality flat roofing services. With unparalleled experience, Ronald G. Graham Roofing & Building Ltd. intervened to guarantee a roofing system that is long-lasting.

Our Solution:

– Customised Approach: Recognising the particular demands of a learning environment, we designed a flat roofing system specifically for Musselburgh Grammar School.

– Quality Materials: To satisfy the financial constraints of a school project, we used premium materials that combined durability and affordability.

– Minimal Disruption: By working efficiently, our team completed the job with the least amount of interference to school operations.

Learn more.

Musselburgh Grammar School Case Study Video:

NHS Whittington Hospital – Liquid Coating Systems: Seamless Protection

Overview of Project:

NHS Whittington Hospital needed a roofing solution that would strengthen and safeguard the building’s structural integrity. A cutting-edge liquid coating technology was provided by Ronald G. Graham Roofing & Building Ltd.

Our Solution:

– Specialised Coating: Our group used a state-of-the-art liquid coating method to provide the hospital’s roof a seamless layer of protection.

– Durability Assurance: The liquid coating prolonged the roof’s life and improved its resilience to weather conditions.

– Compliance and Safety: We made certain that the roofing solution complies with all safety requirements for healthcare institutions as well as industry standards.

Learn more.

NHS Whittington Hospital Case Study

Ronald G. Graham Roofing & Building Ltd. Is The Preferred Choice

Verified Excellence: Our case studies demonstrate our dedication to providing superior results on each and every assignment.

– Tailored Solutions: We offer specialised roofing solutions because we recognise the distinct needs of every customer.

Innovation and Quality: To guarantee durability and robustness, state-of-the-art methods and premium materials are used.

Minimal Disruption: We ensure a seamless procedure for our clients by minimising interruptions through our effective project execution.

Discover the Ronald G Graham Roofing & Building Ltd Difference through Testimonials!

At Ronald G Graham Roofing & Building Ltd., our satisfied customers witness to our dedication to excellence—it’s not just a promise. Instead of taking our word for it, hear from our esteemed clients about their own experiences.

Hayley Locke: Rescued from Roof Woes!


“I called Ronald Graham as I had a bad leak in my roof. They were there within an hour and repaired that day—fantastic service, honest advice, unbeatable price. They totally fixed the issue, and subsequent heavy rain and storms have been no concern now that my roof is fixed. I would highly recommend this company. I totally place my trust in the work they did for me—very impressive.”

— *Hayley Locke*

Stuart Campbell: Preserving Heritage with Precision!


“We used Ronald G Graham roofing to clear all gully’s and valley and downpipes and fix several slipped slates on Greenside Parish Church and the church cottage in the grounds of the church. The work carried out was to a very high standard, taking into account that both buildings are LISTED category A. They removed all rubbish from the site. The cost for the work done was really good value.”

— *Stuart Campbell, Property Elder, Greenside Parish Church, Edinburgh*

Phelim Plant-O’Toole: Seamless and Reliable Service!


“Excellent service from the moment I made contact with Pauline in the office. Very responsive at a very busy time of the year. Tradespeople were there when they said they would be and came and went with minimal fuss. Easy to deal with, reliable, and good value. Will continue to use them and recommend them. Thank you.”

— *Phelim Plant-O’Toole*

Ronald G. Graham Roofing & Building Ltd.: Why Choose Us?

– Quick Reaction: We give your roofing requirements first priority by providing timely and effective service.

– High Standard Workmanship: We adhere to the strictest guidelines when performing our job, guaranteeing long-lasting quality.

– Honest Advice: Reliable advice and consultations for your roofing issues.

Competitive pricing means that the quality of service is maintained without sacrificing affordability.

Competitive Excellence: Unbeatable costs without sacrificing the calibre of the services.

📞 Get in Touch with Us for a Free, No-Strings Consultation:

Are you prepared to safeguard your property’s future? Call us today at 08002343243 or send us a message. We at Ronald G Graham Roofing & Building Ltd are your partners in protecting what really matters—we’re not simply roofing specialists. Make a smart investment in your home right now by taking advantage of our free consultations!

Top Reasons To Hire A Specialist For A Flat Roof In Edinburgh

Every house requires repairs from time to time. In case of ignorance, the cost might go up to several hundred pounds. Keeping the home maintained might sound expensive, but in actuality, it is relatively cheap. With regular maintenance, you will need to invest in small repairs and will prevent you from spending your hard-earned money on large repairs.

Thus, it is recommended to keep your roofs inspected at regular intervals of time by professional roofers in order to spot the minor issues and get them rectified on time.

It has been seen that many homeowners with flat roofs consider DIY options for repairing their roofs. However, it might be less expensive but not recommended. It is suggested to always hire a professional in order to get your flat roof inspected and repaired.

For all homeowners with a flat roof, we recommend you always hire a professional flat roof expert in order to inspect your roof, and repair it in order to bring it up to standard. For those who are residing in Edinburgh, we highly recommend hiring a professional and most reputable flat roof expert in order to fix all the issues and keep it maintained and in good condition for a long time.

Many people with DIY roof repairing ideas often consider hiring flat roofing experts worthless. Well, there are several reasons why instead of going for DIY flat roof repairing, you should hire professional flat roofers in order to get your roof repaired and maintained.

Here is a list of the most common reasons, strengthening the idea that you should hire a flat roof specialist in order to keep your roof maintained or fix minor issues in it. These are:

First your safety:

Safety should always be the priority of all persons. Money can be earned but lives do not come again. Though the flat roof is comparatively safe, still it requires all persons to follow

the safety guidelines while repairing the roof. Since you are a newbie, it is not possible for you to properly perform all the repair works.

Professional flat roofers are highly qualified and experienced and they follow all the safety guidelines in order to keep you and your family safe from all kinds of risks during the flat roof repair work.

During the repair work of a flat roof, there is a need to utilize the proper safety gear in order to ensure onsite protection from every type of mishap. Adopting all the safety measures is sometimes not possible for you and this can risk the lives of not only you but your loved ones as well.

Remember that nothing is more important than you and your family’s safety. And, the professional roofer will always take care of this, leaving you and your family with peace of mind.

Experienced worker:

A flat roof is one that doesn’t have any kind of slope or any hump or curve on the roof. But for you, you do not have the proper adequate tools in order to diagnose the presence of any kind of curve or hump on the roof.

Having a curve or hump on the flat roof can cause problems later, for example, the wrong side curve will let the water stay on the roof making it weak and less durable.

The roofing experts have all the tools and appliances required to remove all kinds of humps and curves from the roof and are well qualified to undertake all kinds of repairing tasks as well.

Best products for roof replacement:

Since you are not from the roofing industry, you have less knowledge about the products used for roofing projects. While repairing the roof, sometimes there is a need to replace some of its components. Having poor knowledge about the roofing material you will end up buying low standard or low-quality products at a high price. While professional roofers are experts in finding high-quality roofing material, and as they are in connection with the industry, thus can get the correct item for the roof at an affordable price. This will help you save money on good standard products and enhance the life of your roof.

Repairing work after surveys and inspections:

Reputable roofers always have the tendency to inspect the roof thoroughly before starting the repairing work. This will help them find out the repair that your roof is requiring.

You might only spot some of the issues and skip some of the minor but serious issues. Also, you may not do a thorough inspection of the roof, directly start the replacement work which can lead to more cost and less life of the roof.

But the professional roofers never miss the essential step of roof inspection. They first spot all kinds of roof issues, repair all of them and then go for replacement work, if needed.

Save your time:

Time is the most essential asset for all. Instead of investing your time in repairing the roof which is not your primary work, invest your time in your business and make money out of it. Investing time in repairing the roof is fruitless. It will lose you a lot of your important time and money as well and the repair work is also not as per the standard.

Instead, you should keep working on your primary business and let the professional roofers handle your roofing project. They will provide you with the best and top standard roofing service in less time and at affordable rates.

The bottom line:

So these are some of the reasons why you should hire professional flat roofers for your flat roof. In Edinburgh, there are several agencies that are providing roofing services. But you should research first to get the best service from a reputable roofing team at an affordable cost.

Ronald G Graham Roofing & Building Ltd. Background:

Edinburgh Roofers Ronald G Graham Ltd., offering built-up felt roofing systems, single-ply roofing systems, cold-applied roofing systems, and EPDM roofing (firestone) has grown significantly over the last 35 years.

To keep our clients satisfied we provide flat roofs with-

Greater durability
Quicker and more cost-efficient installation
Increased insulation properties for thermal resistance
Lower maintenance costs

Flat Roof-

The flat roof, also known as “torchon“, has three layers.
The layers are melt welded with a big torch or blowlamp.
The felt roof comprises a breathable membrane, a reinforced felt layer, and a thicker layer known as a “Cap sheet“.
The cap sheet comes with solar reflective elements alongside a variety of finishes.

The benefits of using the felt roof over other roofs are-
Repair costs are at a minimum
It comes at a lower price compared to others
It is widespread and readily available

A Felt roof generally comes with a variety of different guarantees.
But if you can install and maintain the roof properly, it could last for up to 40 years.

A Flat Roofer’s Tip-
Always make sure the roofing contractors carry suitable insurance to use a hot flame in your property and they ensure that they comply with the NFRC safety torch policy.

Rubber Roof-

Rubber roof, also known as Firestone roofing or EPDM, comes with a single layer.
Rubber roof is comparatively new in the market.
Still, it is becoming more and more popular with time.

The advantages of rubber roof over other roofs are-
It is a single layer yet reliable and damage resistant.
Rubber roof comes with a guarantee period of up to 50 years.
Installing this roof is much easier compared to others.

Rubber Roofing Costs-
In May 2019, the rubber roof costs 20%-30% more than the felt roof, labor, and materials.
Remember, if the timber decking needs replacement, then it will cost even more.

EPDM Roof Downsides-
The appearance can be a drawback.
Requires dry conditions for installation
Rubber roofs have only a black aesthetic, which some people might not like.

A Flat Roofers Tip-
As a rubber roof can be installed quickly, many underqualified cowboys work under the guise of professional installers.
You should always call the manufacturer and ask to see the sample works of the installer first.

Fiber Glass Flat Roof-

Fiberglass is known as Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP).
This roof is the most expensive one but also the most resilient to damage.
This type of roofing is used as a one or two-layered jointless system.
Fiberglass has a factory-made finish and trim.

Fiberglass Flat Roofing Downsides-
Fiberglass is not breathable enough to handle condensation.
It has a low expansion capability (as roofs generally expand and contrast in heat and cold).

Other Points to Consider The Fiberglass Flat Roofing-
Roofing Contractors Edinburgh Ronald G Graham Roofing & Building Ltd. suggests you consult a roofer who has a wide range of flat roof skills.

It would help if you did not choose a specialist on any particular roof.
The most suitable roof can vary from situation to situation.
The flat roof should always be at an incline and not be so flat that it cannot let the water flow to the gutter.
Decent ventilation is needed to avoid condensation and moisture in properties.
A covering is vital for removing the damp air and rain from the roof.
The base or foundation of the roof should be strong enough to hold the roof and any solar panels on it.
In the case of replacing an existing roof, you may find the roof decks or joints damaged.
So, you should be prepared for the extra expense at the time of stripping the old roof.

What are some common flat roof maintenance mistakes that should be avoided?

The flat roof is more advantageous in comparison to the slated roof. They are highly recommended by expert roofers and builders for both commercial as well as residential buildings. Flat roofs are often considered the best option for industrial buildings as well. Despite many advantages over the flat or sloped roofs, they require more frequent maintenance and need to be kept in proper functioning condition.

To keep the flat roof maintained, it is advised to hire a professional and highly qualified roofing team. They will inspect the roof for minor issues and fix them to keep the roof in a well-maintained and good functioning condition. In Edinburgh, you will find several roofing agencies to entertain your roofing project, but you should first research their background and choose the most reputable and legit company always for roofing services Edinburgh.

While building the flat roof or keeping it maintained, many of the homeowners often perform several mistakes that can cost them in the future. Thus, in order to avoid unwanted and extra costs, one should always avoid these mistakes and get a robust, strong, and long-lasting roof.

But the question is what are the common mistakes the flat roof homeowners perform more frequently and should be avoided to keep the roof healthy and long-lasting. Here in this guide, we are listing these mistakes that should be avoided while building and maintaining a flat roof.

These are:

Improper or poor drainage system

A proper drainage system is always required to keep the flat roof maintained and in good condition and proper function. While for the slanted roof, the drainage system is not a big issue, but for the flat roof, it is quite difficult to get the water and the debris to runoff. Thus it is required to always hire a professional company for roofing Edinburgh that has the skills to establish proper drainage systems in the flat roof. Make sure, your flat roof has the required number of downspouts in order to avoid the condition of still water. An improper drainage system raises the problem of still water that can cause further issues of leakage, and further decaying of the roof.

Wrong coating of the roof

In areas like Edinburgh, where it often experiences bad weather, the roof needs to be coated well in order to prevent direct exposure of the worst climatic conditions.

But many of the fake roofing companies try to save money and time, often skip the step of coating the roof leaving the roof exposed to bad weather conditions. Due to this the roof condition weakens and the roof elements start deteriorating in their strength and quality.

The roof requires to be coated well in order to withstand the rainfall, moisture, humidity, and snowfall, or also high-temperature conditions, depending on the area where you reside. In the case when the roof is not well coated, the climatic condition will deteriorate the strength and the quality of the roof. Thus, while maintaining, or installing your new roof, make sure that your roof is well coated and well protected from the high weather conditions.

Not removing snow and ice

Often after snowfall the homeowner forgets to remove the snow and ice from the roof. This results in an increase in the snow load on the roof causing more damage to the roof. After snowfall, it is crucial that all homeowners should remove snow from their roof and avoid the accumulation of snow on it. Skipping this step will increase the load on the roof making it more susceptible to damage, ponding, leakage, and freeze-thaw issues. This will just add to your repair cost.

Improper ventilation

Ventilation is very important for the roof in order to keep the temperature maintained on the roof. In a case where ventilation on the roof is not proper, there will be the accumulation of hot air on it leading to an increase in the temperature over the roof surface. This will start decaying the elements of the roof and making it weak and reduce its quality. Sometimes, the owner skips this important step of installing the proper ventilation leading to the shortage of the roof.

Also, poor ventilation leads to an increase in moisture and condensation on the roof, and this will further contribute to the growth of mould and fungus on the roof. This also has a hazardous impact on the health of the roof. Thus in order to prevent the deterioration of the strength and the quality of the roof, make sure that you have installed proper ventilation on the roof.

Poor installation

When you try to install the roof on your own, it often leads to poor installation and thus decreases the age of the roof along with compromising safety as well. Thus it is recommended to always hire a flat roof expert in order to get the roof installed properly.

The above-mentioned are some common mistakes that can decrease the strength of the roof, deteriorate its quality, and shorten its age.

To get in touch with a flat roof specialist in Edinburgh-

Ronald G. Graham Roofing and Building Ltd.
20 Gordon St, Edinburgh EH6 8NA
0131 555 5121
You can use our live chat to contact us in the bottom right-hand corner
Mon – Fri: 07:00 – 18:00

Most common questions you should ask before recruiting the flat roofing contractor In Edinburgh

For many people, finding and hiring the right roofing contractor is tedious and time-consuming work. Even after a long time investing in finding the best roofing team, many of them might fail to give the proper service that you should have got. The poor knowledge related to the roofing industry, maintenance, and roofing repair agencies might end up selecting the wrong roofing agency. This can lead the homeowners to get poor roofing service even after investing a huge amount of money. This is why all homeowners before hiring any roofing contractors should first do their research and then select a highly recommended one only.

But the ratings on the search engine are not sufficient to find the best roofing company. Every homeowner has doubts about what they should ask the roofing agency before giving them the roofing project.

Here for your help, we are listing some common questions that you should ask before hiring the best flat roofing contractor for your roofing project. Whether you are planning installing or replacing your entire roof, or you are in need of some roofing repair or maintenance work, the following are some questions that you should ask the roofing agency. The following listed questions will help you lessen your roofing project-related confusion and will also help you reduce your chances of making the wrong decision.

Will the roofing agency remove the old roof?

A reputable roofing team always has the tendency to either remove the old roof or inspect the old roof thoroughly and repair the roof as per the requirements. But there are some black hat roofers also, who in order to save their time, apply the new roofing elements and the shingles onto the old roof. During this process, they often forget to inspect the previous roof and thus fail to spot the suspected damages that are residing beneath the previous roof. If the problem in the old roof is not solved, it is not possible to bring life to the new roof. Though these roofers will provide you with a new roof in less time and might be at lesser cost. But since the problem of roof damage is still unsolved and present beneath the old roof, the service will not last for a long time and will cost you more investment in your roof.

How many nails will the roofers’ team be going to use ( In every shingle)?

In general, there is a need for four nails at least for every shingle. If your roofing contractor is also promising you to use four nails in every shingle, they are probably a good roofing team.

However, in the case of a steep-slope roof, there might be the need for 6 nails per shingles in order to provide the proper strength to the roof.

Will the roofing contractors weave the shingles or are going to use the steel in the valleys?

Woven valleys are less expensive and often cost less in comparison to the use of steel in the valleys. Since the woven valleys practice is less expensive, most of the black hat roofers prefer this. But despite being cheap, this is a wrong practice leaving the roof weak and less durable. A reputable and legit roofing contractor will always use metal or steel underneath before weaving every one of the shingles. This is a good way to prove proper strength to the roof. In the case where your roofing contractor is not providing this service of using steel in the valley, they are not the right choice for your roofing projects.

What type of insurance will the roofing contractor cover?

Legit and the reputable roofing contractors have tendencies to provide the homeowner with proper insurance in order to secure any kind of mishap. But there are some fake roofing teams also who do not provide proper details regarding insurance covered under the roofing project. And, in the case of damage, this might cause harm to the homeowners. Without proper details, the insurance claim might be rejected leaving the homeowner with a cost.

Does the roofing contractor know about the local building codes?

In order to test the skills and the qualification of the roofing company, the homeowner hiring the right roofing agency should ask them regarding the latest local building codes. There is a different kind of slate that comes with different building codes which need to be followed. In the case when local building codes on the slates are neglected, it might cause the rejection of the insurance claim. Thus it is essential that the roofing contractor is aware of the local building codes and is doing the task as per the local codes.

Are the roofing contractors certified?

This is one of the most significant and crucial questions that should be asked to the roofing agency before hiring them for the roofing project. In Edinburgh, there are several fake roofers also who are working to make money but are not certified and are not even providing the standard service. This is why, the homeowner before hiring any of the roofing team, should ask them for a valid certificate.

The bottom line

So these are some common questions that should be asked from the professional roofing contractor before signing them with your roofing project. In a case when they are not providing a valid response to any of the above-mentioned questions, they might not be suitable roofers for your roof. Keep searching for the best roofing agency until you get the perfect and certified one giving a valid and promising response to all the above-mentioned questions.

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FAQs About Flat Roofing:

What are the materials required to replace a typical single garage flat roof?

Here we delve into the cost of the materials for a typical single garage flat roof.

We have also provided suggested costs for waste removal, labor costs, profit margins, and VAT:

New OSB decking boards (optional) – £50.00m2 each supply and fit inc VAT
Firrings £50.00 (optional) inc VAT
Base layer £40.00m2 inc VAT
Mid layer £80.00m2 inc VAT

Top layer a cap sheet with a mineral finish £200.00 inc VAT

Waste disposal – £100.00 inc VAT
Labour for two people – £180.00
Building control notification – £50.00
Net profit – £200.00
VAT on labor and profits – £76.00
Assuming you only need the felt replacing with a 2-layer system (often used on garages and sheds) – £775 inc VAT.

For a 3-layer felt-only system (required over habitable and insulated areas of the house) – £850.00 inc VAT.

For a complete replacement including new decking boards with a 3 layer system – £1200.00. Add £50 for firrings if needed.

We haven’t included the cost for replacement guttering, fascias, or soffits. Also, additional insulation may be needed on some flat roofs to meet current regulations. These cost around approx £50 per lm.

How do I know the best flat roofing company in Edinburgh?

Here are 7 tips on how you should choose the right Flat Roofing Company In Edinburgh–

Check how long the flat roofing contractors have been in the business.
Ask to see their past flat roof sample works.
Make sure to check their accreditations and insurances.
Check the companies house information for the company that is going to install the flat roof.
Get financial quotations in written form on company letterhead
Ask what happens if they cannot satisfy you with their flat roofing work.
Ask for hidden charges or unplanned repairs for a flat roof.
Price is not the main thing that matters. In the flat roofing industry, there is a lot of cowboy flat roofers who will win jobs simply on price, however, they often cannot deliver and end up costing you more money in the long run.

How long does a flat roof last in Edinburgh?

A flat roof can last up to 20 years.

But flat roofs need proper annual maintenance to last for that long.

Drainage also plays a vital role in making the flat roof last.

If a flat roof has an inadequate drainage system and a lot of debris on it, it will not stand the test of time.

Can I claim house insurance for my leaking flat roof in Edinburgh?

Home insurance would cover your leaking flat roof if the leaks were caused due to a storm or any other natural occurrence.

If a storm causes the damage, you would see signs of damage on the exterior parts of the roof, but if the damage is caused by wear and tear, you will have to bear the costs.

How do you know when a flat roof needs replacing?

These four things indicate that your roof needs a replacement-


If the damage is small and not that extensive, you can repair the flat roof instead of replacing it.

But if the cracks and tears are all over the roof, it is best to replace the entire roof.

What is the best way to waterproof a flat roof in Edinburgh?

The most common material used to waterproof flat roofs is Reinforced Bitumen Membranes.

Generally, you need to apply two or three layers of this material over the surface of your flat roof.

How much does it cost to seal a flat roof in Edinburgh?

Coating your roof with a strong sealer is a great way to save your roof from getting damaged.

On average, it takes around £0.50 to £3 per square foot to seal a flat roof in Edinburgh.

How do I fix a leaky flat roof in Edinburgh?

You can fix a leak with a small patch permanently.

First, apply an EPDM primer.

When it becomes dry, use a rubber tape of 3″ covering the flashing around the hole.

It would help if you used to stick the patch over the hole with a firm roller.

How do you stop an Edinburgh flat roof from leaking?

Two effective ways to prevent flat roofs from getting leaked are-

Install a flashing: A flashing prevents leaks on your flat roof, especially around the chimneys and vents.
Use a membrane: You can also use a rubber membrane over the flat roof to prevent leaks.

What causes a flat roof to leak in Edinburgh areas?

A low drainage system is one of the most common causes of leaking flat roofs in Edinburgh.

On a flat roof, the melted snow and rain get easily collected.

So, you should have a good drainage system to drain out the water and debris.

If you think you don’t have a good drainage system, you should immediately look to install a solution to prevent further leaks on your flat roof.

What is the average life of a flat roof in the Edinburgh area?

On average a flat roof can last for between 10 to 15 years.

Mostly flat roofs are made of asphalt or mineral felt and have a life of 10 to 15 years.

But unfortunately, due to a flawed drainage system, the flat roof can suffer from damage with pooling water.

How many layers should an Edinburgh roofer have on a flat roof or have?

The number of layers depends on the type of roofing.

Modified bitumen can be layered up to six times on different parts of the roof-


A-Cap sheet roofing had only two or three layers on the insulation and deck.

Why are flat roofs so expensive in Edinburgh?

In terms of money, flat roofing contractors in Edinburgh do charge more than their counterparts.

Flat roofing is expensive as it has many steps to cover and requires installed insulation.

Do you offer frequent inspections to guarantee high-quality repairs for flat roofs?

To guarantee the effectiveness and durability of flat roof repairs, regular inspections are absolutely essential. Consistent monitoring is necessary to identify problems early and stop future damage because flat roofs are more prone to water collecting, leaks, and other problems. A broad principle for performing inspections is provided here:

Visual Inspection: Walk around the roof’s edge and look for any indications of degradation, wear, or damage. Look for any spots where the roofing material might be lifting as well as any cracks, blisters, bubbles, and punctures.

Drainage: Verify that the drainage systems on the roof are operating properly. Ensure that gutters, downspouts, scuppers, and drains are free of obstructions and able to divert water away from the roof.

Seams and Flashing: Pay close attention to the seams and flashing locations. These are typical places where leaks can appear. Keep an eye out for any voids, divisions, or degeneration in these places.

Inspection of the interior: Flat roof problems can occasionally cause problems inside the structure as well. Check the ceiling and walls for water stains, mould, or any other indications of water intrusion.

Material Integrity: Look for any indications of deterioration, cracking, or brittleness depending on the kind of flat roofing material you have (such as built-up roofing, modified bitumen, single-ply membrane).

Flora: If your flat roof is green or covered in flora, check the wellbeing of the plants. Make sure they aren’t obstructing drainage or harming the roofing material.

Professional Inspection: Although you can conduct simple inspections, it’s advised to hire a qualified roofing contractor to complete a more thorough inspection at least once every year. They can see problems that aren’t necessarily obvious right away and offer professional guidance on any repairs or maintenance that might be required.

Keep in mind that regular upkeep and prompt repairs can dramatically increase the lifespan of your flat roof and help you avoid more expensive issues in the future. It’s preferable to contact a professional if you’re not confident or knowledgeable with roofing inspections to make sure the task is done correctly and properly.

What is the Flat Roofing Terminology?

As the name suggests, a flat roof is specially designed to sit as flat as possible on the top of a property, typically having a pitch no greater than 15°.

A flat roof is made of six basic components:

Waterproofing: this is the outer surface of the roofing which resists water; it can be made from a wide range of materials, such as metal, slate, tile, wood, or asphalt.
Insulation: mainly provides a thermal barrier, but can also have sound-proofing or fire-resistant properties.
Vapour Barrier: prevents moisture escaping.
Substrate: also sometimes referred to as sheathing, this is the surface that the roof is laid on, commonly a timber deck (plywood sheeting).
Joists: horizontal supports.

Plasterboard ceil.

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