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Lead Roofing Work Edinburgh

Leadwork on Lead roofs

The craftsmen for roof leadwork are using the traditional method to provide you the result matching the highest standard.

The portfolio by Ronald Graham Roofing and Building Ltd includes every aspect of leadwork. These are:

  • Lead Flat roofs
  • Lead dormer tops and cheeks
  • Welded Fabrication
  • Lead lined gutters
  • Lead roof dressing techniques
  • Lead roof flashing

How important is to remove lead roofing!

With years of training as well as experience, the Edinburgh roofing corporation does have the ability to perform all types of lead services available, such as valley flanks, wall head gutters, skews, roofing flashing, mountain gutters, cover flashing, aprons,  parapet gutters,  flat roofs dressing up over timber bottles, plugs, as well as weld joints.

Lead is amongst the most quality materials, with a life expectancy nearly three times that about any other man-made material. It’s also much more environmentally beneficial, as it has the smallest carbon footprint of all hard metals. Furthermore, it is 100 percent recyclable. In compared to other man-made solutions, they are also a cost-effective option.

If you’re having the led flashing placed in your roofing or cladding, make absolutely sure you choose only reputable contractors with prior expertise putting lead flashing. It is because any flaw or improper installation is known to shorten the lead’s lifespan. Additionally, using an erroneous lead code can reduce the lead’s longevity. The most crucial step is to maintain the upstands waterproof while cutting raggles through into wall. Because lead is one of the softer metals, proper installation is more important.

Because of its constant expansion and contraction caused by chronic exposition to cold winters and warm, lead is known to crack, burst, even split. If you notice most of these symptoms, it means your lead has run out of time. So, therefore order to extend the lead’s lifespan, we provide 100 percent precise installation as well as rubber expanding to prevent this from happening.

Every sort of flashing is handled by the Edinburgh roofing firm, including lead, zinc, copper, and aluminum.

Lead roofing work Edinburgh complete all of the lead work in accordance with current Leading Sheet Association requirements.

All restoration work in preparations for leadwork can be advised on or completed by us. Please feel free. Lead, when properly applied, can last for hundreds of years. There is currently no modern product that can rival lead’s effectiveness, durability, or contact us to speak with a member of our team about your project.

Leadwork specialists Company in Edinburgh

Ronald Graham Roofing and Building Ltd include every aspect of lead flashing work which is alternatively known as lead work.

There is always some part of lead flashing in any form in every roof which is either exposed or concealed.

Lead Roofing Edinburgh

With years of practice and experience, now the Edinburgh roofing company has achieved all the capability to conduct every type of lead work services that includes every flashing works to roofing, valley gutter, valley flanks, wall head gutters, skews, parapet gutters, cover flashing, aprons, flat roofs dressed over timber bottles, inserts and weld expansion joints.

Lead is known to one of the most durable products which are having almost three times more life expectancy than any other man-made product. Also, it is more carbon-friendly as it contains the lowest carbon footprint among all hard metals. And, it is 100% recyclable also. They are also an economical option in comparison to any other man-made options.

In the case when you are planning for a led flashing installed either in roofing or cladding, make sure you are getting your work done only from reliable professionals who are having some prior experience in installing lead flashing. This is because any fault or poor installation is known to reduce the lifespan of the lead. Also, the use of incorrect code of lead can shorten the lifespan of the lead. And the most important step is while cutting raggles into the wall in order to keep the upstands watertight. As lead is among softer metals so there is more need to ensure the correct installation.

The lead is known to crack, blast, and split because of constantly expanding and contracting due to continuous exposure to summer and cold winters. When you see any of these signs, these are an indicator that your lead has expired. So in order to enhance the lifespan of the lead, we offer you 100% correct installation along with rubber expansion thus preventing it from happening.

The Edinburgh roofing company is expertise in every type of flashing whether it is lead, zinc, copper, and Aluminum.

If you have any queries, do contact us.


Do you need any other roofing repair service?

Ronald Graham Roofing and Building Ltd are experts in providing every type of traditional roof repair as well as roof maintenance work at a reasonable price.


Why you should choose the Edinburgh roofing service?

Ronald Graham Roofing and Building Ltd are one of the most popular roofing contractors in Edinburgh. The company ensures you with 100% high-quality work and we adhere to the high standards strictly. The employers from our side are experts and highly trained and we use:

  • All type of Roofing covered
  • 100s of excellent reviews
  • Full after service support
  • A larger workforce
  • 24/7 Emergency repairs
  • Fully insured
  • Quick Turnaround

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