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Roof Inspection: Roof Survey Edinburgh [Drone]

Drone Surveys for Roofing Edinburgh

Top roofers Edinburgh area, We are Edinburgh based Ronald Graham Roofing and Building Ltd Company specialized in providing drone surveys and inspection.

From our headquarters, we cover all of Edinburgh and the surrounding areas in Central Scotland providing them with the best comprehensive aerial roof inspection services. In our service, we include everything from photography and video to 3D modeling, thermal imaging, and many more.

Benefits of Aerial Roof Inspection using Drone surveys:

  • Fast results
  • Cost-effective
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Crystal clear HD photography and video
  • Multiple Angles and Vantage Points
  • It is possible to archive and monitor the roof inspection data for corrosion, damage, and other issues with your roofing.
  • You can get the roof inspection data and then pass it on to the roofing and building maintenance experts.
  • With aerial roof inspection, it is possible to cover multiple angles, roofs, and heights in the flights.
  • The drone surveys by our company do not put any human life at risk as they work at height.
  • It is possible to inspect the built-up area using aerial roof inspections service without any need for permits, scaffolding, or road closures.

What is an aerial roof Inspection?

As mentioned in the name, it is aerial surveys of the property’s roof structure. The Edinburgh roofing company is using advanced commercial-grade aerial drones having the latest photographic and video camera along with the feature of thermal imaging camera technology to inspect the residential as well as commercial properties roofing with great details. The benefit of this type of inspection is spotting vulnerability and points of interest in incredible details using the thermal imaging types of equipment in a way that is quite next to impossible with naked human eyes.

This type of aerial inspection will help in the early detection of issues in the roof and thus preventing the production interruption as used to occur in the conventional method.

What are the benefits of a drone roof inspection?

The drone survey inspection will take way less time in comparison to conventional inspection methods where there was a need to call for an inspection team and the team then check the complete roof step by step. A simple flight of the drone over your roof will take several hundreds of pictures and will scan your roof. This helps in analyzing the roof structure from multiple angles, vantage points, distances for great detail, and incredible accuracy.

What can thermal imaging see but not the human eye?

With thermal imaging, it is possible to capture all types of invisible and unseen issues on roofs and building structures that might get undetected from human eyes. These are:

  • Heat loss
  • Thermal bridging
  • Roof leaks
  • Water ingress
  • Missing insulation
  • Leaking pipes
  • Damp
  • And many more

A thermal imaging makes it possible to highlight the areas in your roof that have become weak and are leaking thermal heat energy.

Also, the drone roof surveys will help you make your roof more thermally efficient and thus reduce your monthly and annual energy bills.

We the Ronald Graham Roofing and Building Ltd are providing inspection services including drone roof surveys and inspection services for industrial, commercial, as well as for residential clients across Edinburgh as well as surrounded areas.

Using modern technology including a fleet of remotely controlled aerial drones, our company is providing our customers with full HD/ 4K videos along with thermal imaging for roofs and building structures.

Why roof inspection from the air is done?

It’s indeed aerial inspections of the homeowner’s roof construction, as the term implies. The roof inspection Edinburgh firm uses advanced commercial-grade airborne drones featuring the latest photography and video cameras, and also thermal mapping camera technologies, to thoroughly assess the roofs of both residential and industrial structures. The advantage of this form of assessment is that it allows you to spot vulnerabilities and places of interest through exquisite detail by utilizing thermal imagery technology, which is nearly impossible to do with only your eyes.

This form of aerial inspection will aid in the early diagnosis of roof faults, preventing production interruptions that would otherwise occur using the traditional method.

What seems to be the benefits of using a drone to evaluate a roof?

It is cost-effective since, with drone services, it is possible to examine the entire roof in a fraction of half the period required by traditional inspection methods. The conventional inspection approach required contacting a neighboring or regional inspection group. They arrived and spent the entire day inspecting every section of the roofing. A simple flight of a drone above the rooftop, on the other hand, will take multiple photographs and films from various angles and ranges, allowing you to spot any concerns in far less time.

Furthermore, roofing inspectors formerly relied upon their eyesight to identify any roofing concerns, whereas drone roof inspections employ current technologies to detect problems. Inspectors used expensive scaffolding and cherry lifters to uncover various faults in older methods, however, there are zero requirements for such during a drone rooftop assessment.

Another advantage is that the human does not require to operate at altitude, and the drones will capture thousands of photographs to investigate the area of interest.

The advantages of a drone roof inspection:

It is beneficial in terms of saving money as with drone service, it is easy to inspect the complete roof in a fraction of the time used in the conventional inspection method. In the traditional inspection method, there was a need to contact the local or nearby inspection team. They came and inspected every part of the roof step by step taking the complete day. But in a drone survey, a simple drive of a drone over the roof will take several pictures and videos from different angles and distances and thus help you detect any issues in way less time.

Also, the roofing inspectors relied on their eyes for detection of any roofing issue, while in drone roof inspection, they use modern technology to detect the issues. In traditional methods, the inspectors were using costly scaffoldings or cherry pickers to detect some issues while there is no need for such in the drone roof inspection.

Another benefit is in terms of safety as there is no need for the human to work at height and the drone will take thousands of images to inspect the point of interest.

If you are also looking for some inspection service, do contact us. We will arrange for our drone pilot to contact you and discuss your requirements. Also, It’s our pleasure to solve your queries if any.

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