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Having a leaking roof is the last thing anyone wants, especially as the typical British weather sets in during these colder months. 

Many people would agree that prevention is preferable to cure, so it makes sense to take a little time to maintain your roof.

With routine maintenance and safety measures, many repair calls can actually be avoided. 

However, we frequently discover that the majority of people fail to maintain a regular maintenance schedule and take their roof for granted. 

We advise people to leave certain roof maintenance and repairs to the professionals because they often involve working at heights and call for specialized skills. 

Therefore, in these situations, you should really call a reputable roofing company and let the professionals handle things.

Here are some excellent examples of roofing repairs that ended up costing the customer much more than they would have if they had stayed on top of some straightforward roofing maintenance.

Flooded Rooftop:

Due to closed water exit points on the rooftop that should have been left open (possibly by internal facilities maintenance who were unaware of the purpose), a flooded rooftop was seeping water. 

Water may not be able to drain away when obstructions in the gutters and downpipes that surround a roof become apparent. 

As a result, the felt roof aged much faster than it would have if the water had been allowed to drain properly. 

Damaged Downpipe:

The downspout at the exit point was crumpled from a vehicle that must have smashed it, preventing water from draining as usual.  

Excessive water was accumulating on a roofing system that was not designed to hold the weight or water mass and consequently leaked down into various points in the building when combined with foliage that got gathered in the downspout during heavy downpours and a closed exit point.


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In order to keep your roof in top condition, Ronald Graham, Director of Ronald G. Graham Roofing and Building Ltd., thought it would be really helpful to compile some top advice. 

These were found to be useful reminders for routine maintenance that could be given to your facility’s maintenance staff to keep them “aware” of the little things that can be done to help prevent problems from occurring in the first place.

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