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Looking For Roof Tile Repair Services in Edinburgh?

Natural disaster or old age, or any other reason, the roof tiles might require to be repaired. Whether it is loose tiles, cracked roof tiles, or damaged roof tiles, there is a need to repair it as soon as possible by a professional expert Edinburgh roofers team.

Also, the repair work depends on the damage. In the case when only a few tiles are broken, it is possible to repair them, while in the case when more than 5o % tiles are broken, a full roof replacement is recommended.

The repairing of roof tiles is very important to keep the house strong and protected. So here we will discuss what and why can cause damaged roof tiles. 

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Roof leaks

The major issue associated with a roof tile is a roof leak problem. A leakage of the roof is not necessarily caused by missing tiles. Sometimes issues can be caused due to bad roofing service or poor tile job from any random person can lead the water to seep through the different layers of the roof.

In the case when this kind of leaking problem starts, it becomes very difficult to detect the exact location of the leak and where that bad tile part is in relation to the rest of the roof. In this case, the professional roofing company will recommend a simple re-roof of that particular section of the existing roof, this is usually the best option.

In the case when a tile is missing, it becomes very easy to replace that tile. But the homeowner should get it repaired as early as they can. The reason is that the tiles provide a protective covering to the other layers of the roof and in the absence of protection from the tiles, they can weather away and can lead to leakage and formation of a hole in the roof.

Make sure the repair work of the tiled roof is done by a professional roofer as a bad tile job can lead to leakage problems or the persistence of the leakage problem. Also, a bad tile job from any random or under qualified person can lead to the damage of the underneath layers of the tile and thus can lead to emerging leakage and draft-type issues.

Re-roofing tiled roof segments

The best thing about a tiled roof is that it is possible to re-roof only the particular section where the damage is suspected. There is no need to replace the entire roof in the case when only a little portion of the roof is damaged.

So in the case when there is a leak in the tiled roof, simply detect the problematic location and replace that specific area.

If your roof is between 10 to 12 years old, it is advised to re-roof only the particular section of the roof and fix that specific area, but in the case when the roof is more than 20 years old, we recommend the owner replace the entire roof.

When does the tiled roof demand repair?

There can be several reasons when the tiled roof can demand repair.

Some of the reasons are as follows:

Missing tile: As mentioned before, a single missing tile can impact the integrity of the entire roof. So it is necessary that even when the single tile or only very few tiles are missing, call the reputable roofing contractor and get it fixed as soon as possible.

Visible leak: Leaks not only cause trouble but can make the entire building weak. So in the case when any leak is identifiable, repair and get it fixed immediately.

Broken or damaged tiles: Broken tiles look bad and can also cause leakage issues, thus the building owner should replace and repair them.

Damage in the underneath layers: The tiled roof not only contains the tiles but also has many more layers beneath it. In the case when the property owner gets the tile job done by a random person, it can result in damage in the underneath layers and can arise the issue of leaks and drafts. The underneath layer of the roof plays a very essential role and it helps in maintaining the integrity of the roof thus it is required to be maintained well.

Repairing work to the tiled roof is a very delicate, dangerous and risky process and thus should not be carried out by inexperienced, under qualified, and unprofessional persons. This work should be done only by a certified Edinburgh roofing company.         

We offer a comprehensive range of the best domestic roofing services in Edinburgh. We repair pitched and flat roofs as well as replace entire roofs.

By following these tips, you can find the right roofer in Edinburgh.

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