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Roofing Material and Their Advantages in Edinburgh

While making a home, most homeowners consider the best material for their home but often forget about the most important element of the home that is the roof. The roof is the most crucial part of the home that protects the building, the dwellers, and serves many more functions.

The next least important consideration that a homeowner takes is the material used for the construction of the roof. The roofing material should be selected with full research and needs to be best in order to keep the roof durable and protective for several further decades.

For those planning to install a new roof or replace their old roof, this guide is going to help you select the best roofing material. Here in this guide, we are listing the best roofing materials and their advantages.

Roof tiling material

The roof tiling materials are man-made roofing materials crafted out of hard-wearing elements like ceramic materials, clay, or sometimes made of glass. The most commonly used

roof tiling material in the construction of the roof is clay roof tiles. These clay tiles are made of clay and have the characteristic of weather resistance and are durable with a strong glazing coat.

These clay tiles have been used for several hundred years and are utilised in the construction of different kinds of roofs. In the beginning, these tiles used to be in a similar pattern, but with the advancement in the roofing industry, these tiles are now available in different sizes, designs, and patterns for the roof. The most fundamental pattern of clay roofing tiles is flat tiles.

The flat tiles are not absolutely flat but are more in a rectangular shape. This gives the perfect roofing material for the seamless and robust layering of all the forms of the roof. In 1970, people were more into implementing flat tiles in order to create the roof along with all the roofing applications and accessories. And, the trend of using these flat tiles is still not outdated.

Even today, people prefer having flat tiles as their roofing material as it used to be in the 19th century. This is because of its rectangular structure which makes it ideal for all kinds of reliable layering for roofs.

Other than the flat tile, single lap tiles and roman tiles are also commonly used types of roofing tiles. Roman tiles are those which are having curves at two of their edges and these curves actually contribute as a special characteristic of this tile.

This enables the tiles to provide extra firming strength while laying on the roof because of the interlocking process. On the other hand, the single lap tiles are S-shaped tiles that are really appealing and add distinct patterns to the roof.

Slate roofing material

They are one of the ancient roofing materials for the construction of the roof. These material comes in the form of sedimentary rocks made out of hard volcanic materials and other substances like clay. They are produced by compounding on the earth’s crust for several years and crafted out under high temperature and pressure for several years.

Because of its robust nature and waterproof quality, the slates are always a preferred roofing material by several contractors. Additionally, they are flexible in nature and thus can be molded in any desired shape.

Slate roofs are a durable type of roofing material but can cause a bit of discomfort after a certain limit. This is the only disadvantage associated with the slate-type roofing material. In order to give architectural uniformity, certain laws are made in some areas. These laws forced them to employ only a certain type of slate.

The bottom line

For those who are planning to install or replace a roof, I hope this guide helps you get details of different roofing materials and their advantages.

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