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Gable Roof Types Advantages and Disadvantages

In the UK, the most common type of roofing system you will see is the standard Gable roof design.

This type of roof is more cost-effective and has the least complex design.

The meaning of gable design is two triangular sections at each end of your

On the basis of roof design, there may be more than two triangle gables.

In the standard design, there are two sections of the gable that slopes down from the ridge.

The pitch and angle of these two sections form two triangles each at the end of the house.

Countries with cooler and wetter climates have this type of roofing system.

As Edinburgh roofers this type of roof requires only two sections of roof, thus are more cost-effective.

Also, it helps in preventing wastage as there is no need to cover the gables.

Following is the information regarding different types of gable roofs and their advantages.

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Most preferred gable/ Gable roof designs:

Box Gable Roof –

The design of this type of gable roof matches more of the standard gable design.

Some differences include a triangular overhang at each end.

This design helps in stressing more on the both triangular shape of the roof and the box shape of the

There is a need for more material in designing this gable in comparison to the standard design.

Front Gable Roof –

The design of the front gable type is a bit different as in this design, the door sits below one of the gables.

It is possible to have another door at the other end of the house.

This type of design is one of the most popular designs containing a porch as well.

There is a protrusion of the gable from the edge of the roof forming the porch.

Cross Gable Roof –

This type of gable roof is seen in bigger houses having complex layouts.

This design is mostly seen in roofs having more than two gables.

In this system, the two gables will run perpendicularly to each other.

This is another type of roof seen in houses having a porch.

This type of roof is seen in houses that have a garage or other structures also.

Dutch Gable/ gablet roof –

This dutch gable is considered most complex as it comes in combination with a hip roof.

This type of hip roof has four sloping edges on every side.

The gable section in this type of roof sits on the top of the hip roof and offers the advantages of
both roof types.

In the UK, this kind of roof is known as a gablet roof instead of a dutch gable.

The cons with this roof type are less attic space.

Pros and Cons:

· One of the major advantages of this roof is that it is easy to construct. As it has a less complex design and costs less.

· This type of roof is ideal in areas that have heavy snowfall and rain issues.

· It leads to more space available in the house in comparison to the hip roof.

· The only con with this roof type is that it is more prone to damage from wind and storms. Since the pitch in this roof is steeper compared to other roofs, they have more chance of getting damaged by storms. It is possible to decrease the chances of damage by installing the asphalt shingles. Using the correct shingle type will protect the roof from wind damage of up to 120 Mph.

In order to find Roofing Services Edinburgh, it is essential to consider these factors.

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