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Slating and Tiling Edinburgh

Slating and Tiling

Slate or tiles are often used to clothe the pitched roof. People often use both words for the same thing but in actual they are different. Slates are typically grey in color and are manufactured from natural stones only. While the tiles are manufactured products and are available in a variety of colors and designs.

The use of slates and tiles is to layer the slope in order to direct the water from the apex of the roof down to the gutters. Nails are used to fixing the tiles to the roof and ridge tiles are used in between for the roof junctions. You may have vents, chimneys, and windows on your roof. Other elements of your roofing infrastructure include guttering and downpipes. A slate and tiled roof contain several components thus requires much maintenance in order to keep your roof watertight.

While working on the slate or tile roof, the Ronald Graham Roofing and Building Ltd often take the measure in order to extend the life of your roof. The Edinburgh roofing company uses galvanized steel and copper nails to fix new slates to the roof. As the galvanized nails are corrosion resistant and thus helps in extending the life of the roof. Also, the company tends to use only the best quality slate and tiles in order to match your existing roof. You can get high-quality roofing services right in the heart of Edinburgh, where craftsmanship meets excellence.

Slating and Tiling Edinburgh

At Ronald Graham Roofing and Building Ltd, all the roofing technicians are trained according to the CITB Advanced City and Guilds level in pitched roof tiling and slating. The technicians from our company are rich with experience on the tiled and slated roof across the city of Edinburgh, the Lothians, and Borders, and also further afield across Scotland. The Edinburgh roofers company will provide you a minimum of 10 years of guarantee on every type of pitched roof tiling and slating system.


Slate roofs

In Edinburgh, you can see many of the slate rooftops are 1000 years old. This means that now these roofs require complete roof replacement. The reason for re-roofing is either the rusting of the nail that is used in fixing the slates or the softening of the slates as well. Also, in old times, when this roof was expected to install, slates were used to fix the roof timber directly. With roof replacement, we will install a breathable waterproof membrane in order to protect your roof from rainwater and thus offer more protection. As every roof is different, thus our technicians expect the complete roof before the starting of the work in order to provide them with a free estimate. This way, our Edinburgh roofing company helps them identify the area of concerns and to decide the best approach to remedy.


Types of Slate

Scotch slate is the most frequent type of slate used in Edinburgh which is mostly grey in color, width having a rough surface, and random at height. Roofers in Edinburgh company tries to make the slate match the existing slate present on your roof. The natural origin and the source of the slate is the main reason for the variation in slate appearance.

Welsh slate which is available these days is generally grey or purple in color having a smoother surface. Also, these slates are more uniform in terms of their width and height.

The Spanish slate is mostly in charcoal color and has uniform width and height. They usually have a smoother surface. As they are quite cost-effective thus provide you with a great alternative. Along with the reasonable price, this type of slate is hard-wearing and less porous in comparison to other states.

The Burlington slates are generally blue-grey in color and are manufactured in the lake districts. Like scotch slate, this Burlington slate is also random in terms of its height as well as width having a textured surface.

Lake city is also the manufacturer of Westmorland type of slate. They come in textured green-grey color and are random in terms of width and height.

Norwegian slate looks more like Westmorland slate as they are also textured green grey appearance. But this type of slate is uniform in width and height.


Tiled roofs

In several properties, you can see a tiled roof that has built-in 1960’s renovation by replacing the old slates. Tiles’ work is also more similar to the slate. The only difference is that the tiles are manufactured while the slates are natural. The lifespan of the tiles depends on the material used for its manufacturing.

Timber battens are generally used to fit and support the tiles and they are more prone to degradation. After complete degradation of the timber batten, the tiles start falling off and in this condition, there is a requirement of a complete renewal of the roofing system. Also, while re-roofing, our technicians will install a breathable waterproof membrane to provide extra protection to the roof along with using new pressure-treated timber battens in order to fit the new tiles.


Types of Tiling

When we talk about tiles, you will get several options to choose from. The roof tiles come in a wider variety in terms of size, profile, and color.

Concrete is used in the manufacturing of interlocking tiles. These tiles are uniform in height and width and also provide you wide choices of profile and colors.

Plain tiles are uniform in terms of width and height and several color options are available for these tiles as well. They are generally smaller in size in comparison to concrete tiles.

Clay tiles are generally available in orange-red color. They are uniform in size and can be manufactured in different profiles and colors.

Why slating and tiling roofing in Edinburgh?

Slates are a durable material that has been used to build roofs for over 700 years. It comes in mainly three varieties – natural, artificial, and bitumen – and offers an authentic and beautiful roofing solution, especially for traditional-style homes and buildings.

Now, tiles have been created with similar properties that make them almost as hard-wearing and long-lasting. These are produced from either concrete or clay, and are more suited to modern houses, as they’re available in an array of styles and colors.

Both of these are popular options for roofing today. And there are plenty of fantastic reasons why:

  • Durability

    Did you know that slate roofs can last up to 150 years, and a tile roof can do so for 50 to 70? This is impressive, considering the usual lifespan of a roof is 20 to 30 years.

  • Long-term value

    This durability means that despite requiring a slightly larger initial investment, a slate or tile roof will always prove greater value in the long term.

  • Appearance

    Slate is mainly grey in color but available in a variety of shades, textures, and patterns, while tile comes in a wide range of designs and colors. We also offer several different fixing methods for each, to suit any roof. That means yours will be as stunning as it is sturdy.

  • Protection for you and our environment

    Not only is slate and tile roofing one of the most fire-resistant options that exist, but it also has great environmental benefits. In fact, natural slate creates the lowest environmental impact and carbon footprint of all roofing materials.

What do we offer?

To give you plenty of choices, we offer a wide variety of slate and tile roofing options, installed by our dedicated team.

Choose Ronald G Graham Roofing and Building for:

  • Flexibility

    Whatever your type of roof, whatever your style, and whatever your budget, we’re able to source the most appropriate slate, tiles, and fittings to meet your unique requirements.

  • Experience

    We have over 50 years of experience in fitting slate and tile roofs, but still, follow all recommendations offered by today’s leading manufacturers – using best practices and the best products.

  • Peace of mind

    We don’t just install roofs. We help you consider planning restrictions, aesthetic requirements, site exposure, roof pitch, and cost – so you can have confidence your chosen slate or tile roof is the perfect fit for you. All slate and tile roofs shall be fitted in accordance with BS5534 of the code of practice for slating and tiling.

Quality, guaranteed

All our slate and tile roofs are installed in accordance with the BS 5534 Slating & Tiling regulation.

What’s more, we only use factory pre-graded timber that’s been certified by the FSC and PEFC – which means it’s safe, strong and long-lasting, and was sourced sustainably and ethically.

We are members of NFRC and CORC, both of which have stringent accreditation procedures.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quotation for your slating and tiling in Edinburgh and across the UK.

Recently completed slating works at McLaren High School, Callander

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