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FAQs – Roofing

FAQs – Edinburgh Roofing

Ask Ronnie Ronnie is here to help! We know that it is difficult when you discover that there is a problem with your roof and that you need to find the right Edinburgh roofing contractor or company to fix it. The situation often feels worse, because unlike other building projects, it is often dangerous or impractical for you to view … Read more

Maintaining Your Felt Roof

Maintaining Your Felt Roof

Maintaining your felt roof is beneficial to extending its lifespan and ensures your property is protected against potential leaks. There are also regular checks you can carry out and report to your contractor if you are unsure or concerned. While maintenance of your felt roof is encouraged, and spot repairs can be easily carried out, … Read more

Tiles or Slate – What’s the difference?

Tiles or Slate

If your roof is looking a bit worse for wear and you have been considering a repair or even a new roof for your Edinburgh home, you’ll soon discover there are more choices to be made than simply the colour. Your roof can be finished in a wide selection of materials and you’ll need to … Read more

Maintaining your gutters

Maintaining your gutters

Gutters are part of your roofing system and they require regular maintenance to keep your home looking nice and to help prevent damage from the elements. By directing rainwater away from the perimeter of your home, gutters are the first line of defense against water seeping into your home. So if your gutters are clogged … Read more

What are Ridge Cappings and How To Fix Them?

What are Ridge Cappings

If you own a home, then keeping your roof in a peak condition is one of the priorities. While other aspects of the roof are much discussed, we often seem to neglect the importance of ridge cappings.  What are Ridge Cappings? Ridge cappings can be defined as the triangular shaped tiles that are used to … Read more

Preparing Commercial Roofs for Winter Weather In Edinburgh

While it may seem a little bit early to be preparing for bad weather, the truth is, you can never be too prepared when it comes to the safety of your business and employees. Preparing your commercial roof for bad weather is extremely important; cold, damp weather and heavy downpours can cause extensive damage to … Read more