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What are the benefits of routine roof maintenance?

It makes no difference where you reside; you must maintain your residence and all of its components. It is necessary to pay close attention to your home and to remedy any little concerns that arise. Keeping advantage of and preserving a roof is just as important as taking notice of and keeping a dwelling.

Because the roof is amongst the most important components of a home, it should be maintained and repaired regularly.

Roof repair Edinburgh are necessary whether you want to make your home more comfortable for the winter or if you have a problem with your roof.

Numerous people choose to conduct their roof maintenance, cleaning, and preparation for the approaching winters. Lots of other people consider hiring experts and specialists for the same objective.

What are all the facts regarding roofing restorations that every rooftop professional wants you to know?

 Maintaining the roof and having it fixed for even small problems is indeed an important element of home upkeep. A few homeowners take roof upkeep seriously, therefore keeping it fixed and well kept extends the duration of their roof. Several homeowners, on the other hand, do not consider roof upkeep sufficiently and wind up paying more money on severe roof repairs.

All residents in Edinburgh need to understand well about roofing firms in Edinburgh who already are professionals in managing and fixing roofs and putting life on track to the roof, for both annual upkeep and that the previous time the roof experienced troubles.

Before selecting any roofing contractor, all homeowners should conduct thorough research and obtain all pertinent information. However, oddly, the same thing happens with contractors. They would also like the residents to be aware of some of the most important aspects of roof repair.

Choosing professional Roofing in Edinburgh requires you to consider these factors.

If you search with Roofing Company Near Me or Edinburgh so you can find several websites but at Ronald G Graham, We offer type roof repair services in Edinburgh all areas: Click here to know about the Edinburgh areas we serve!

Roofing Repair Edinburgh

Type Roof Repair Services in Edinburgh:

  • Emergency roof repair
  • Flat roof repair
  • Garage roof repair
  • Shed roof repair
  • Slate roof repair
  • Roof leak repair

Roof Repair Edinburgh:

An old defective roof is a worry for any property owner, and the need to fix the roof and make it watertight again quickly. The expense of a roof repair can shift from £150 as far as possible up to ££££££ if a new roof is required! However, most roof repairs can be carried out quickly and within a reasonable budget.

On this page, you will learn more about your roof/roof defects.

As you spend money to maintain/repair your roof, you should do your research first so that you are getting the best value for your money. You need to consider that high winds, snow, rain, etc can all be damaging to your roof and play a part in decreasing the lifespan of it.

Let us discuss how to maintain your roof correctly and give you our expert advice:

  • An average cost for a small roof repair is £150 to £400
  • An average cost for a moderate roof repair is £400 to £2000
  • An average cost for an extensive roof repair is £2000 to ££££££

The average cost for a roof repair in the UK & Edinburgh is £850

Expert roofers in Edinburgh offer a warranty on their products and workmanship.

Average costs for roof repairs in the UK & Edinburgh:

There are many different types of roofs and each roof is made of various materials. Not all roofs are the same; however, access points for water ingress tend to be similar on every roof and are mainly around the perimeter details of your roof. See below common areas where water ingress occurs:

  • Skylight: Water ingress to your skylight/rooflight can be fixed on average for £200-£400. Water ingress in the skylight can be caused due to heavy rainfall, blocked waterway channels, or poor installation.
  • Chimneys: Chimneys usually suffer from cracking and boss render. An average cost to carry out a repair to your chimney is £500-£700. We would estimate around £45-55 per sqm to re-render your chimney.
  • Valleys: A valley is when your 2 roof slopes intersect with each other. If there are any defects with the valley, the water will penetrate through the valley and under the tiles/slates. The cost to carry out a repair to a valley on average ranges from £400-£800.
  • Flashing: Flashing details can tend to be very problematic and need regular maintenance. These are prone to crack and structural movement but these can be repaired on average for £250.
  • Slates/Tiles: A slated/tiled roof should be regularly maintained to preserve the life span of the roof. The average price for an overhaul of a slated/tiled roof is £400-£800 depending on how many replacements are required.
  • Flat roof: A flat roof usually has a life span of 10-15 years however we can provide specific felt that can provide a guarantee of 20-30 years. An average cost to carry out a patch repair to a flat roof would be £120 per sqm.
  • Liquid Coating Repairs: We work with many manufacturers including Proteus, Garland & Sika to name a few. Sometimes liquid coating repairs can be more cost-effective and we carry these out for an overage of £65 per sqm.


Why is it essential to maintain a roof on a regular basis?

It doesn’t matter where you live; you need to keep your home and all its elements maintained. It is required to give your home keen attention and repair all the minor issues wherever needed. Like a house, taking care of and maintaining a roof is also essential. Since the roof is one of the major elements of the house, one should keep it maintained and never miss its repair or inspection at any cost.

Whether you are planning to prepare your home comfier for winters or you face any kind of roofing issues, there is a requirement for roofing repairs. Many people prefer to do DIY in order to keep their roofs maintained, clean, and prepared for the coming winters. While many others consider calling some professionals and experts for the same purpose.

Ronald G Graham roofing contractors in Edinburgh are always available for you in order to cater to all your roofing-related requirements and will provide you with the best service at affordable prices as well.

Why do many people ask why they need to keep their roof inspected and maintained on a regular basis? What is the need to inspect the roof and keep it maintained? Well, here in this guide, we are listing some reasons that explain the reason why there is a need to keep the roof maintained.

Reasons to keep the roof maintained

The following are some reasons that support why it is crucial to keep your roof maintained:

The first and primary need for keeping the roof maintained on a regular basis is to prevent the expensive repair requirements. When the roof is inspected on a regular basis, it helps the homeowner to spot any

minor issues early. Fixing it on time and keeping the roof maintained will help the owner to avoid an expensive repair. A small repair requirement when avoided can turn into a big hazard for your family and might cost you a big bill as well.

For example, a minor crack, in the beginning, is quite easy and cheap to fix. But when avoided, it might lead to unnoticed leakage or very little leakage in the beginning but will start decaying other components of the roof which may cost you a large amount and might require you to invest in replacing the entire roof.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind is another reason why you should keep your roof maintained. Keeping the roof maintained will help you stay relaxed and that nothing is wrong with your roof. This feeling will help you lower your stress level and give you a pleasant, peaceful, and healthy life. On the other hand, a poorly maintained roof will also keep you under stress regarding the strength of the roof. It will keep you uncertain and thus increase your stress regarding how strong or weak your roof is.

Though DIY roof inspections are fair, it often skips some essential steps. Thus we recommend always going for a reputable and legit roofing company and letting them inspect your roof for any kind of possible issues. The inspection and the minor repair in the roof will cost very little and give you peace of mind.

Prevent heavy expenditure

The investment term is used when it leads to further productivity and helps you save or make more money. But spending money on repairing your roof is a kind of expenditure. You can save this extra expenditure by simply keeping your roof inspected and maintained.

As mentioned earlier, regular inspection of the roof will help the owner to spot the minor issues in the roof early and thus allowing them time to fix it before it gets worse and leads to heavy expenditure.

When you keep your roof neglected, the minor issue can turn into a bigger one and may cause you to spend money in order to replace several components of the roof or might be the entire roof.

Therefore it is recommended to all to keep your roof inspected and maintained at regular intervals of time in order to avoid extra expenditure. Invest a small amount in keeping your roof maintained and save heavy expenditure.

Increase the age of the roof

Since with regular roof inspection and maintenance, you are definitely enhancing the age or the longevity of your roof. The regular maintenance of the roof saves it from damage and thus the age of the roof increases several times. Contrary to this, neglecting the roof will worsen the small or the minor issues in the roof and may require you to replace the entire roof in less time which is expensive as well.

Thus it is advised to keep the roof maintained in order to keep your roof in good condition and thus give your home a long life. It is important to keep the entire house maintained. And, since the roof is the most crucial part of the home, it requires a little bit more attention and maintenance.

What should you check under the procedure of regular roof maintenance?

  • Inspect the pipe boots for any kind of cracks or any other minor issues.
  • Keep the roof clean and remove all the debris. Along with the roof, keep the valleys, and gutters also clean from debris and other minor issues.
  • Check for the intrusion of any animals.
  • Inspect that the roof should be well ventilated. Make sure all the turbines and working fans are working properly and there is no obstruction in the ridge vents.
  • Make sure that all the caulkings and flashings are not loose or missing.
  • Do not forget to let your chimney be inspected by chimney sweeps.

So these are some points all homeowners should consider while inspecting their roofs. The above points will help you make the right decisions in order to keep your roof always in good condition and increase its age as well. So you should keep your roof maintained and repair any of the issues as early as possible.

What are the facts that every roofing contractor wants you to learn about roofing repairs?

Keeping the roof well maintained and getting it repaired for even minor issues is a crucial part of the maintenance of the home. There are some homeowners who consider the maintenance of the roof seriously and keeping it repaired and well maintained directly enhances the life span of their roof. However, there are many homeowners also who do not take the maintenance for the roof seriously and end up spending more on the major repairs for the roof.

For both regular maintenance and the last time the roof had issues, all homeowners in Edinburgh require to know about the roofing companies in Edinburgh who are experts in maintaining and repairing roofs and bringing life back to the roof.

All homeowners before hiring any of the roofing contractors, first do research and get their complete details. And interestingly, the same happens in the case of contractors also. They also want the homeowners to know about some of their crucial factors regarding the repairing of the roof.

But what can be the facts that the roofing contractors want the homeowners to know about? Here in this guide, we are listing such facts that all roofing agencies and companies want you to know about roof repairing services. These are:

The material used in the roofing or repairing service

Many roofing companies with poor market values and reputations prefer the rolled roofs in comparison to the shingles because it is comparatively cheaper. The rolled roof is one of the common products and it employs only a single sheet of asphalt that will be applied to the roof. Though it is cheap it is less durable and is more susceptible to damages. In the

beginning, you will not need to invest much in building the rolled roof, but soon it will start degrading and will cost you high in maintenance.

Reputable roofers and roofing companies focus more on the premium quality and the life span of the roof instead of the cost. This is why they always prefer shingles over the rolled or any other cheaper quality roof. The professional, genuine, and reputable roofing company will always provide you with smart and detailed guidance regarding the material to be used in the roof. They will give you detail about the material used in the roofing projects, and their quality as well as durability.

The experience and the certification of the roofing contractors

The experience is the thing that increases the market values of the professionals. More the experience of the contractor in the roofing industry, the more the people will have trust in them. Also, the homeowners who believe in quality over the cost, always prefer to hire legit and well-experienced, and qualified roofing contractors.

Since the roof building and its maintenance requires intense care, most homeowners consider hiring only professional, highly qualified, legit, and well-experienced roofing contractors.

The experience in the roofing industry plays a significant role in alluring and convincing people to finalise their project regarding the roofing repairs. The experienced roofing contractor is used to being more qualified and can easily detect the minor or the suspected issues on the roof, get it repaired in less time, and give the homeowner a high-quality, new roof.

The premium customer considers the experience and will be more likely to hire the roofing contractor with more experience. Thus, the contractors always prefer to let the customer know about their high experience in order to convince them and build more trust.

For lifespan and financial effectiveness, maintaining the roof of your business property in Edinburgh, Scotland, is crucial. Here are some essential advice:

Regular Inspections: Plan routine inspections to spot problems early and fix them.

Weatherproofing: The climate in Scotland can be severe. To avoid leaks, make sure your roof is suitably weatherproofed.

Gutter cleaning: To avoid water accumulation and damage, clean your gutters and downspouts frequently.

Trim Tree Branches Close to the Roof: Trim tree branches close to the roof to avoid damage during storms.

Snow removal: To avoid overloading, remove heavy snow as soon as possible in the winter.

Professional Maintenance: For full inspections and upkeep, hire experts.

Maintain records of maintenance for use in warranty and insurance claims.

Emergency Plan: Have a strategy in place for dealing with unforeseen damage right away.

Sustainable Options: For long-term advantages, think about using eco-friendly roofing materials.

Budgeting: Include money for routine maintenance in your spending plan to prevent exorbitant unforeseen costs.


As experience plays a major role in providing high-quality roofing service to the customer, the same way professionalism matters in serving the customers. Professionalism helps in building more contacts, increasing the presence of the roofing company in the market, and dealing with customers.

Most of the genuine and certified roofing contractors will always provide the owners with the post repairing service and this will help them get shortlisted in the highly preferred roofing company option in the list of the client.


The professional, genuine, and certified roofing contractor tends to maintain transparency in order to build trust between the company and the customer.100% transparency ensures that

the company is not going to charge any additional cost, the quality of the material used, and the standard of the service and thus help the customer have trust in the company.

The bottom line

So these are some points that a legit and genuine roofing contractor will always want their clients to know about the roofing repair service. The certified and the legit roofing company always maintain transparency for the complete roofing service, charges, and after service, etc, and thus have more trust and reputation in the market.

You should follow these tips if you want to hire the best roofing contractors Edinburgh.

I hope the above has been of help. Each individual job is different and costs are based on many factors including access, location, size & specific materials required.

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