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DIY solutions to a leaky roof


A leaky roof should be a serious concern for any homeowner, as it’s a sign of a much more pressing issue that you will have to worry about in the future. In this article, we’ll talk about DIY solutions to leaky roofs and how you can identify those problems.

Finding the Issue

Before you fix a leak, you have to identify where the problem is originating from. The first thing that you should check for is roof stains, as they are typically a sign that there’s some excess moisture that you will have to address.

Climb up the roof and see if there are any major stains. After that, check the ceiling in the attic (if you have one) to see if there are any watermarks down there as well. If you don’t have an attic, you will have to open up the ceiling to see if there are any water stains, strange marks, or signs of mould on the inside.

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DIY Solution for a Small Leak

If you see any small leaks, you may be able to fix them by yourself. After you have identified where a leak is, you will have to assess how big and how accessible it is. For most homes, you will have to fix both the inside and the outside of the roof for any leak.

Sometimes, the issue may only be on the outside, which is another thing that you have to address before you start fixing the roof. To check how far gone the leak is on the inside, you will have to push the insulation aside to assess the flow marks and shiners, which are loose nails that open the rafter up for water to come through.

One more thing to remember is that moisture that escapes from the home can condense on the cold nails, forming drops of water that will accumulate over time. To fix this issue, you will have to address the shiners. First, you will need to clip the nails so that there’s no angle for the moisture to hold on to. You will need a side-cutting plier and clip all of the shiners and file it so that it fits perfectly into the surface of the wood. Keep in mind that this is a solution for minor issues, so don’t assume that this will fix all of your problems.

Complex Roof Problems Require Professional Repairs

More complex issues such as snow or heavy water damage will have to be approached very carefully. Mould, ice dams, and other structural damages have the potential to pose serious threats to your home, so it’s important that you look actively look for these issues.

Everybody in the UK knows that rainfall is an issue, especially during the storm seasons in the summer. If your roof has a major leak during this time, the damp and dark environment in your attic will be the perfect place for mold to grow. Aside from producing a rather musty smell, the mold will slowly eat away at the wooden structures in your home. Ultimately, the entire roof structure may collapse if you fail to address it.

Ice dams are terms used to describe small pools of water that have been frozen inside the roof. This phenomenon typically occurs near the edges of the roof where the water is discarded. If the roof tiles are slightly bent upward, the water won’t be able to flow down properly. When the temperature drops and the water becomes frozen, it will form a dam that pushes the water upward. This excess moisture can seep into the shingles.

These are serious concerns that we don’t recommend you try to fix by yourself, as there’s often some serious damage that can follow the procedure if you don’t do it correctly. It’s almost always a better idea to work with a roof repair service instead.

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