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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do for a roofing emergency in Edinburgh?

Call Ronald G Graham office on 0800 234 3243 to get advice on how best to deal with your emergency. We have squads assigned for reactive repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Should I inspect my roof yearly or monthly?

We always recommend an annual roof inspection. But also after any adverse weather conditions / storm damage.

What should I expect if I need an Advanced Roofing service in Edinburgh?

You can get a free estimate for quality materials and services at a reasonable price.

What to do if there's a leak in my roof?

Contact Ronald G Graham office for your roof leak on 0800 234 3243 as soon as you can.

One of our contracts managers will visit the property to inspect the roof and manage the Ronald G Graham team to repair your roof as per your requirements and budgets.

What are the reasons for my roof leaking?

There are many different reasons for roof leaking.

You might notice, Some of these causes below:

  • Missing Slates
  • Storm Damage
  • Damage to Gullies and Guttering
  • Poor maintenance
  • Degradation
  • Quality of Roof
  • Fixings Failure
  • No Membrane
  • Failed Window Fittings
  • Lack of Roof Ventilation
  • Pipe Entries
  • Extreme Temperature Changes
What type of Roofing is best for a pitched roof?

Type of Roofing for a pitched roof:

  • Slate/Tile
  • Profile metal sheeting
What to do for a roof if my property is listed?

A Listed property owner must be consulting with a planning department first.

At Ronald G Graham, we offer an all encompassing service in which we can get source matching materials to your original roof.

What to do if timber decay discovered during removal of slates or tiles?

If timber decay discovered, at Ronald G Graham we would recommend potentially having a specialist timber preservation contractor involved. If only minor wet rot, this may potentially be able to be dealt with in house using our specialists joinery team.

Can I choose the colour of my new roof?

It depends on the roofing product used.

Does Ronald G Graham Roofing Services provide guarantees for work?

Yes, At Ronald G Graham Roofing services, we offer guarantees for all type of our roofing work.

The guarantee is depending on your roofing product.

Does a new roof add value to my home and property in Edinburgh?

A roof is always the most important part of your property, and it will add value to your property if you have a new and well-maintained roof.

For example, If your roof is in a bad condition, the property may certainly get a lower value than you expect.

Should I add insulation when installing a new roof in Edinburgh?

The best time for adding insulation is when you are replacing a roof.

If you want to add insulation when replacing your roof, it’s the perfect time to do, and the greatest thing is the cost to be included in an initial roof assessment.

When Should I Get a Roof Inspection?

If you want to keep your roof’s best condition, you must do the regular roof inspections.

At Ronald G Graham Edinburgh Roofing Services, we have a wide range of maintenance packages available suited to your property type and budget.

How Do I Prepare My Roof For Winter?

At Ronald G Graham, with 35+ years of experience, we suggest  three things to do to prepare your roof:

  • Start A Roof Inspection
  • Clean Your Gutters
  • Take Care of Any Repairs Prior to Winter
What facts should I know about Roof Repairs in Edinburgh?

First, you must know what type of repairs you need for your roof and how long that particular roof will last.

You can get the best advice to get prepared from Ronald G Graham. Our team will do our best to ensure you have the highest quality service available.

Should I Have My Roof Inspected?

Most Edinburgh homeowners and property owners are not thinking about their roof condition until they get a problem.

Therefore, you might not have considered your roof inspection before.

Regular inspection of your home’s and property roofing is a part of roof maintenance.

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